Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Group picture! Haitian and Americans working together.  This is after a long day of work on the fields.

Start of the community center.  A team from Oklahoma made this place happen.  This village has never had anything permanent like this structure and also a place to offer shade and relief.  What a great blessing.

This is my fourth attempt, thanks for being patient.  The internet has been a big challenge here so far.  We praise God for all He has done thus far here in Haiti through MBO.  We are grateful for His intervention and guidance as we strive to serve Him.  

In a short month we have been blessed to see a lot transpire through MBO;
  • God provided a well that produces 7 gallons a minute on the property
  • By God grace the community center is 70% complete
  • we have excavated the land to plant 70 trees and start a crop of zucchini 
  • God has moved in the hearts of many through door to door evangelism
  • God brought along a family who's house burnt down for us to intervene and help 
Thanks for all of your support and prayers.  We continue to see the Lord at work here in Haiti in the midst of some dark areas, and we all know He pierces the darkness.

Please pray for;
  • continued health and energy during the very hot months ahead
  • Gods intervention in the heart of Pierre Claud who said He wants to receive Christ
  • for money to buy solar panels $339 each and we need eight
  • for the teams coming in for the next two weeks from the USA, strength and hearts right for ministry to the Haitian people.
Be blessed today and step out of the boat in faith to serve a God who is always faithful.
This is a picture of the new well on the property/village that has never had water.  The only means for them to receive any water is to walk to a well at the very least a mile away.
God is great!!